Landscaping and Tree Conservation Manual - City of Greensboro, NC The Landscape Manual and Standard Plans were developed to provide policies, procedures and standards to be used while desning projects to help achieve these goals. Ordinance and to suggest possible desn alternatives. The orinal Landscape Ordinance was adopted on July 1, 1992. The Tree Preservation requirements.

Landscape Manual - Miami-Dade County This manual is the result of the efforts and input from many s and individuals. This manual is a guide for landscape desn in primarily urban shall be preserved. A major component of the landscape ordinance is the site plan zone where.

Landscape Manual for Durham, North Carolina - City of Durham The Landscape Task Force (a committee of citizens and professionals appointed by the City Council "to develop a landscape policy for the City") has devoted many hours to the project. See Sec. 2.3.3, Planting Details, of the Durham Desn Manual. Ordinance-based requirements of this Landscape Manual. Periodic updates to the.

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