Super S Problem Water Filter - You also need to check the water heater to see if smell is coming from there. Specifications. Super S. Filter. Control Valve Motorized Plastic. Timer Automatic. Overall Conditioner Heht 52 1/2" 133.4 cm. Media Tank Dimensions D x H.

Cullan Sulfur-Cleer Automatic Water Filter Owners Guide The Cullan Super S filtration system needs to have 1 gallon of 5% household bleach at least weekly. Cullan Water. This system and its. Overall Conditioner Heht. bleach will “super oxygenate” the Cullan CIM media to.

Timer Settings & Manuals Cullan Madison WI If your water is hh in H2S it needs a gallon of bleach with every regeneration. Find Your Cullan Water Softener. Mark 89 and 812 Water Conditioner Use and Care Guide;. Water quality in the U. S. has been making national headlines.

Cullan Platinum Plus Series Automatic Water Conditioner. Regen cycle example: 2ppm iron, .5ppm H2S this system is set to regenerate every other and use 1 gallon of bleach per week. Before you operate the Cullan Platinum Plus Series Water Softening System, read this manual to. • Today’s Water. Your Cullan Water Conditioner has been.

Cullan Silver Series Automatic Water Conditioner Owners. This system is now 13 years old and has exceeded the 750,000ppm suggested re-bed but is still performing with great water. Prestious Cullan Silver Series. With Cullan’s many years. in this manual for various Cullan Silver Series. A water conditioner is frequently.

Culligan super s water conditioner manual:

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