IPTEC Professional Security Products CCTV Camera (1) When tapping " " key on the "Device Setting", the page to enter the device information will be displayed. IPTEC DVRs 4/8/9/16/32Ch Models available, Real Time Recording, H.264 Compression with Multiplex Functions Premium Features, 3G & iPhone, Up to 32TB.

Download Center Security CCTV Canada-Toronto (2) It is possible to enter any name for "Device Name" to be identified on the application. Example: i-PRO recorder name in alphanumeric characters (3) When tapping "Device Type", device type selection screen will be displayed. H.264 DVR software Back Up Users Manual, Jan.8, 2014, V6.79N, 318.4KB. 8, iVMS-4500 Mobile Surveillance Software User Manual iPhone, May 7.

Professional 8 Channel H.264 Standalone The H.264 video compression encoding allows for the hhest quality video while maximizing your HDD storage space. Professional 8 Channel H.264 Standalone Security Camera CCTV DVR with DVD Burner - iPhone and VGA Support, Real Time Video/Audio Recording.

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