For Sale KPG-49D software for programming TK-780 / 880 / 280 / 380 / 980 / 981. Service Manuals for Alinco DR-430T, and Icom IC-u2AT. each. Misc Manual Copies Alinco DR-1200T Service, Alinco DR-430T Service, Icom IC-RP4030.

ALINCO DR-138T Transceivers Mobile Commercial, DR138T I prefer Pay Pal for payments (please contact for info on what address to use). This is a rear-mount antenna desned for point-to-point data links. ALINCO DR-138T 200 ch VHF 136.000 - 173.9975 MHz 60 Watt Transceiver - Part 90 Certified Requires Software

Index of /4/4x6on/RADIO MANUALS/ALINCO - Amateur Radio Equipment Celwave/Phelps Dodge 6-element 220-MHz Yagi. ALINCO--DJ-162-Service-Manual.pdf, 20-Mar-2010, 3.7M. 14-Mar-2010, 23K. ALINCO--DR-1200-User-Manual.pdf, 14-Mar-2010, 171K.

OK1MJO Homepage *1972 This page is where I list stuff that I have for sale. Service Manuals for: Alinco DR-430T, and Icom IC-u2AT. Instruction Manuals for: Icom IC-3AT and Icom IC-27A. Alinco. DJ-120 service manual · DJ-160 · DJ-180 · DJ-182 · DJ-190 náed · DJ-191 náed · DJ-195 náed · DJ-196 · DJ-482C1 · DJ-491 náed · DJ-496.

R&L Electronics Alinco If you’re interested, please send me e-mail ([email protected] this domain). Unless otherwise noted, this equipment been kept and operated in a non-smoking environment. Products 41 - 60 of 393. Search Results for Alinco. SERVICE MANUAL DJ-196T, .95, Buy Now, In Stock. DJ280TSM, Alinco · ALINCO DJ280TSM SERVICE.

Service Manual - Vintage Manuals Misc Manual Copies: Alinco DR-1200T Service, Alinco DR-430T Service, Icom IC-RP4030 Instruction, and Icom UT-16. Jun 26, 2008. 1200 Receiver Akai Service Manual AA-5000 Preamplifier . Alinco Operator Manual DR-1200T Transceiver Alinco Operator.

DR-1 35TI E DR-235T - GPS Central Adjustment points: DJ-100T DJ-120T DJ-160T / DJ-460T DJ-162T DJ-180T/DJ-1400T DJ-190T DJ-191T DJ-500T DJ-560T DJ-580T DJ-582T DJ-C1T/C4T DJ-F1T/S1T DJ-F4T/S4T DJ-G1T DJ-G5T DR-110T DR-119T DR-1200T DR-130T DR-140T DR-150T DR-430T DR-510T DR-570T DR-590T DR-599T DR-605T DR-600T DR-610T DR-M06T DX-70T DX-70TH DX-77TProgramming soft: TK-90 TK-230 TK-240D TK-250 TK-260 TK-261 TK-270 TK-278 TK-330 TK-340D TK-350 TK-353 TK-360 TK-361 TK-370 TK-378 TK-390 TK-430 TK-431 TK-480 TK-481 TKB-620 TK-630 TK-705 TK-709T TKR-720 TKB-720 TK-730 TK-760 TK-760G-1 TK-762 TK-768 TK-762 TK-790 TKR-820 TK-830 TK-860 TK-862 TK-840 TK-841 TK-868 TK-890 TK-930 TK-931 TK-940 TK-941KP-G48D software for programming TK-2100 / 3100 / 3101. DR-235T. UHF FM Mobile Transceiver. DR-435TI E. Instruction Manual. Thank you for purchasing. is safe, then bring it to the nearest Alinco service center.

Modifications for the ALINCO - fl dx Mar 28, 2002. Manual for Alinco DJ-580 model English language. DJ-580. DR-110 Alinco DR-110 lcd readout repair English language. DR-110. DR-1200 Alinco DR-1200T 9600 mods Another modification English language.

HAM Radio Users, Operation and Service Manuals - Hevener. Org Nov 7, 2015. If you don't find the manual you're looking for, please use the Contact page to let me know. Chances are I have it stored. Alinco, Ten-Tec, Elecraft. DR 1200T Service Manual · 566 Users Manual · K3 Users Manual · DR 605.

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