Service/repair manuals owners/users manuals This setting can be left ON if you are using our SLMODKX3 jumper module as it has a built-in DC blocking capacitor. Service manuals, repair manuals, owner's manuals for Panasonic Sony JVC Samsung Sharp Pioneer Sanyo Hitachi Philips Kenwood LG Toshiba & others

Yaesu FT-2500M Mobile Transceiver - Universal Radio Please read the "Important Notes" above BEFORE you select your jumper settings. The Yaesu FT-2500M is the successor to the famous FT-2400H, the industry first amateur radio transceiver desned to meet rugged U. S. military specification.

Modifications for the YAESU This will save time and may help prevent you from making a mistake that could possibly damage the Sna Link or your radio. Yaesu FL-2500 mod English language. FL-7000. FL-7000 10. Yaesu FT-10 Extended Transmit Mod for 140-174MHz use English language. FT-10. MODS for FT-411/811 TRX for a VHF UHF English language. FT-411.

Schematics of radios Schematic of Note that the K3 also has a menu setting for the "Line Out" level, which can be turned up if needed to increase the RX Audio going into the Sna Link. ACOM - 1000. User Manual. PDF, rus - 457kb ACOM - 2000A. User Manual. PDF, rus - 926kb AE-100T. User Manual. PDF, eng - 117kb AE-105U. User Manual.

Modifications for the YAESU - hamradio. KX2/KX3 Radio Settings: 1 - The Mic Bias setting in the KX2/KX3s menu system should be turned OFF if you are using jumper wires. Modifications for the YAESU created from dk 4PINMIC YAESU 4 PIN Microphone connections to TNC'S English language 8PINMIC YAESU

Yaesu FT DX-1200 FT DX 1200 FTDX1200 Note that the Sna Link USB does NOT use the PWR jumper wire, so you can disregard this jumper during installation. Some customers have found that the K3's "Line In" gain (menu setting) is set to zero by default, thereby resulting in no power output when transmitting. Yaesu FT DX-1200 FT DX 1200 FTDX1200 Programming interface schematics for Yaesu FT DX-1200 FT DX 1200 FTDX1200 Programming software for Yaesu FT DX-1200

Yaesu FT-817 FT 817 FT817 user and service If up experience this problem, then please consult your radio manual for instructions on turning up this control. Yaesu FT-817 FT 817 FT817 Programming interface schematics for Yaesu programming interface, Yaesu 4 pin plug Programming software for Yaesu FT-817 FT 817 FT817

Yaesu ft-2500 user manual:

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