X GE Series Router User's Manual English - Any chance the file still exists and could be re-posted? However the Billion 7402G with firmware 5.74d doesn't have that option. I searched every PDF in the file you posted, the only other mention of fragmentation is in the IP section, discussing MSS clamp. BiPAC 7402VL/VGL/VGP. VoIP/802.11g ADSL2+ Router. User's Manual. Version Release 2.01. Wireless Client MAC Address Filter 7402VGL/VGP only.

BiPAC 7402GXL Series - Billion Regards(Sorry for dging up an ancient post, for my first post)Just got an Ipad 3 and experiencing wi-fi issues, one suggested fix is to change the fragmentation threshold. Version Release 6.24b.dm2. Last Revision July 04.2012. BiPAC 7402GXL. Series. 3G/ADSL2+ 802.11g VPN. Firewall Router. User Manual.

Billion 7402, 7402R2AMB - Broadband Choice - If it's possible at all for the 7402G, it can only be done with the CLI. Functionality of the 7402 remains similar to the 7402R2 due to Billion's policy of providing. User Guide/Manual,

Billion 7402 user manual:

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